Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Contractions, Contractions...UGH

Yesterday and Today have been pretty rough. I am 32 weeks and 2 days, time is passing slowly and the contractions are coming stronger and more frequent. It started yesterday with a change in my contractions and some spotting again. My contractions feel different than they have the last week and half. They are starting to really HURT and are hitting me 3-6 times an hour. My Dr. came by in the afternoon when this started increasing, checked me (no dilation), and increased my oral medicine Procardia to the highest dose. Gave me an injection of my terbutaline and continued to monitor me.  This got better and than got worse at bedtime again. I started having >6 contractions an hour so they repeated the shot.  I woke up from the contractions last night for the first time. I had been sleeping through them with help from my new friend "Ambien".  When I did wake up at 4am I got another shot of terbutaline to stop the contractions. It calmed them down for a few hours but not me.  The medicine makes your heart race and feel jittery all over=YUCK! This has been the cycle most of today. The highlight of my day was the ultrasound my Dr. ordered!! Madden has continued to grow to an estimated 4 pounds 5oz.  That makes mommy very happy! Almost a whole pound in a week and half.  His head still remains "right there", which means baby Madden may have a cone head:) His ultrasound checked out good, only problem is he's not waiting on his invitation to arrive he's trying to show up fashionably early to the party;)

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